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Photo of Jess Hopf - Scientific graphic designer

Hi! I’m Jess.
I am a researcher-turned-scientific graphic designer.

I take your complex scientific ideas and distil them into engaging, beautiful visuals.

Scientific Graphic Designer: Turning complex ideas into visuals
Scientific Graphic Designer: Communication using a scientific graphic designer

Drawing on my own research background, my work helps you crystallise your stories and ideas.

By translating your knowledge into visuals, I can help make your research work more engaging and accessible.

Scientific Graphic Designer: Communication using a scientific graphic designer

Unsure how to visually communicate your complex knowledge?

Featured Work

infographic: cetacean data

Jess’ ability to envisage our data in infographic format truly transformed our project. Her work has been so well received as a quick and easy way to look at a complex dataset.

Working with Jess is a pleasure. She has the ability to work with complicated and messy data to create clear technical and infographic representations. Jess works iteratively, responding promptly to feedback and ideas.

Dr Virginia Andrews-Goff,
AAD, Aust. Gov.

logo: grant proposal

“Working with Jess not only helped to make our grant proposal more persuasive, attractive, and professional, it helped us to clarify our understanding of what the centre represents and offers. Clear and sharp communication really helps to deliver clear thinking and compelling messaging.”

– Prof Michael Bode, QUT

concept visualisation: project study systems

“Jess helped us design a prospectus for a research centre that we were developing. She had this great ability to take our ideas and visually communicate them in a way that would be understandable for a broader, even non-scientific, audience. Her skills are incredibly important in science communication.”

– Prof Zoran Ristovski, QUT

Let's collaborate!

Unsure how to visually communicate your complex knowledge?
Need help telling the story of a project or proposal idea?

Reach out and I’ll get back to you shortly.



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