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Knowledge visualisation design is the process through which I translate your research findings, project ideas, or expert knowledge into a eye-catching graphic that quickly and easily communicates your work to others.

The type of visual I’d design depends on your target audience and the nature of the knowledge you want to convey. Data infographics, for example, are a wonderful tool for positively engaging with both experts and non-experts. Likewise, concept visualisations can be incredibly powerful in a competitive grant application, where you have limited time and space to articulate your ideas.

Knowledge visuals are typically designed as an engagement tool. They serve to grab the attention of the audience, convey a few key messages, and encourage the audience to further interact with the research or researcher. This is a very powerful tool in science communication. 

As the visual language transcend boundaries, it allows you (the expert) to more successfully engage with non-experts (‘outreach’) to discuss how your research affects them. Furthermore, knowledge visuals can clearly articulate your ideas to experts of similar or disparate fields (‘inreach’), paving the way for collaboration, funding, and scientific breakthroughs. 

Naturally, each project is a little different, but there are 5 main steps to the process:

  1. I will meet with you to discuss your research and the goals that you have for your visual(s). At this point, I will ask for any relevant information (data, papers, etc.) or examples (graphics that you have seen and loved, or not) that would help me understand your vision.
  2. I will develop a plan of attack for your visual(s) and then touch-base with you to make sure you are happy with the direction things are heading.
  3. I will develop the visual(s), meeting with you at regular intervals for revisions and feedback. Please note that I include a set number of revisions in the price, excessive revisions beyond this will incur a fee.
  4. Once the visual(s) are finalised, I will do a handover providing you with all the agreed-upon files.
  5. I will check-in after a little while to see how things are going and that you are happy with how the visual(s) are helping you better communicate your work.

Definitely! This is a great idea.

Let’s have a chat about what you would like to achieve, and I can help you work this into your proposal and provide a quote to suit.

Not at all!

I can work with you to develop the best visual(s) for your information, data, or idea, at any stage in your research project. Indeed, my clients often find that working with me helps them crystalise their thinking and further develop research ideas and findings.

Like all good, highly specialised work, it depends. I am more than happy to have a quick chat with you to give you a cost and time estimate prior to building a full quote. Please get in touch here to do if you would like to do this. I can include a timeline breakdown in your quote so that you know when to expect deliverables (it’ll be the highlight of your day!). If you require a visual designed urgently, I can organise this for a small rush fee.

All Knowlegible Designs products are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivatives 4.0.

This means that you and others can share, copy, and redistribute the graphic if:

  • Attribution is given to the paper or relevant authors of the content (title, authors, journal, year, DOI etc.) and to knowlegible.design.
  • The product is not modified in any way.

If you require a graphic with the option to modify the text etc., we can discuss licence rights for this.

If you require a white-labelled product (without attribution to Knowlegible Designs), this can be organised with a small fee.

Let’s start visualising your knowledge.
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